Getting started

Next year we’re taking part in the Carbage Run to the UK. We will be creating a website so friends/family/sponsors can track our whereabouts in real time. This is where the Pi comes in :)

For tracking, we need a GPS receiver, and a 3G dongle to upload the data to the website. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in a WiFi dongle as well, so we can all surf the net whenever we want and don’t have to worry about excessive roaming costs!

Shopping list

  • Raspberry Pi model B+ (just because I already had one lying around :) ): SOS Solutions (€ 27.20)
  • Raspberry Pi Modular Case (including SD card cover, spacer and screws): ModMyPi (€ 11.86)
  • UPS PIco: PiModules (€ 23.99)
  • Globalsat ND100 USB GPS: Navishop (€ 19.95)
  • COMFAST® CF-WU715N WiFi dongle: MiniInTheBox (€ 4.79; I paid € 3.27 on discount)
  • DS1302 RTC module: MiniInTheBox (€ 1.33; I paid nothing)
  • 3G modem (for testing a spare Huawei E220 I had lying around)

Total costs (so far): € 86.12
This excludes shipping costs (total amounting to € 15.98 so far). Shipping from MiniInTheBox is free, but takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. Because they we’re giving away € 1.50 free bonus rewards & credits every few days, I ordered the DS1302 for absolutely nothing, and used it as discount on the WiFi module.

I’m still awaiting arrival of my DS1302 RTC module and the UPS PIco. In a next post I will describe the components in depth.

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